Antarctic Foods Aquitaine

The youngest frozen vegetable company with the richest experience in the world!


Press releases

Herwig Dejonghe, CEO and owner of ‘Antarctic Foods & Foodies’ with head office in

Belgium (Roeselare) and with a production unit of frozen vegetables in Aquitaine in

the South West of France (Bordeaux/Ychoux), speaks about his ‘re-birth’ in the

frozen vegetable business in the best agricultural area of France.


Herwig Dejonghe, previous CEO of Pinguin from Belgium, bought this state of the art

frozen vegetable factory from the Pinguin group in January 2015.

The new company name ‘Antarctic Foods Aquitaine’ stands for top frozen natural

vegetables from the South of France. The production facility specializes in

supersweet sweetcorn, baby carrots, sliced and diced carrots, green beans and

green peas for the food industry and artisans.  Due to the extremely favorable

climate, the farmers in the region Aquitaine offer important quantities of organic vegetables.